A hybrid cultural consultancy for the dynamic world.

I am a culture person! I have traveled the world and explored making and exhibiting art internationally as well as delivering cultural capital as an executive director, manager, curator and board member of various organizations. I combine creative excellence with direct consulting experience while building strong professional relationships with an emphasis in the cultural sector providing consultancy in strategic organizational transformation, logistics and the dissemination of cultural capital. I have proven skills in strategic planning, education, curatorship, communications and project management.

 I am interested in the entire eco- system of the creative economy. Notably museums are bio dynamic places of social interaction; they provide a nexus point of enjoyment, education and a cross pollination of ideas. The innovations that bring society forward are often discussed and explored at a museum level but usually start in the periphery of the creative society with individuals, collectives, architects, galleries, art service organizations etc. My broad experience allows me to help you leverage your own cross pollination, thus allowing you to organically grow to the benefit of all key stakeholders, big or small.

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